A wide range of services

Powerful, Unified & Compliant

Wexgen will help harden your security with powerful monitoring and workflow processes/tools. Our processes and tools will enable you to maintain advanced security and compliance.
We have a broad portfolio of services crafted by our experienced team, based on a decade of client engagements, research and development within the industry.

Incident Detection & Response

It’s crucial to build up your incident detection and response capability before you’re compromised. Whether you’re seeking technology solutions to enable you to find and stop attackers, need expert help to manage your program or investigate a breach, or are ready to establish better processes for incident response, Wexgen have you covered!

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)
Security Operations Centre (SOC)
Network Access Control (NAC)
Vulnerability Management
Endpoint Security
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Digital forensics and investigations
Fraud management and prevention systems
Deception technologies and Honeypots

Security Assessment & Audits

A Security Audit can help highlight which vulnerabilities are exploitable, which risks are critical—and therefore need to be addressed with a high priority—and which items can be remediated over time. Our experts can address your most critical security needs, stringent compliance requirements, and complex technology challenges—with a deep understanding of your unique environment, needs, and goals.

Phishing Simulations
Penetration Testing (pen test)
Vulnerability Assessments
Application Security (e.g. Websites, Thick Clients)
Mobile Application Security (e.g. Android, IOS, Windows)
External and Internal Network Infrastructure
Remote Access (e.g. Citrix, SSH, VPN, RDP, BYOD)
Firewall / Server configuration review
Wireless Networks (e.g. WiFi, Bluetooth)
Physical Access Control and RFID Security Assessment
Social Engineering

Security Training & Awareness

Wexgen provides cybersecurity training videos to help employees identify spam content that could be hiding malicious software. Our training includes phishing training for employees both new and old and provide examples of real phishing scams that help employees understand what a falsified email might look like, who it might come from, and what kind of information it might ask for.

We take our time to train your staff about Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Security Awareness for all levels, Live Interactive Demos, Social Engineering, Email Scams and many more

Code & Policy Review

The basic of any application, or any script or any real time entity dealing with huge transactions of information and data is always the source code sitting at the very roots. A simple flaws in logic, algorithm and then programming stages are reflected in the source codes which run the entire systems and can be amplified and cause a permanent incurable loophole which may go unnoticed even if exploited.

We provide a technical audit of software systems, web and mobile applications made with Java, Ruby on Rails and other languages. Our engineers will carefully analyze your software code and assess it in terms of architecture, style, security, and efficiency. As such, we undertake the following and more:


A Modern Approach to Threats

With the continuous state of change in the global threat landscape, organizations face cyber attacks and security breaches that are growing in frequency and sophistication every day. Our IT Security Team offers solutions to counteract increased risk proliferation. Based on your organization’s needs, environment, business processes, and security goals, our experts will provide insights to help you implement the right solutions to address your critical risks and protect your operations.